Greek-Cypriot Maritime Guide & Cd-Rom 2019
Greek - Cypriot Maritime Cd-Rom

Distributed free of charge with the
Greek-Cypriot Maritime Guide

... the format of the Greek-Cyptiot Maritime Guide and of the Cd-Rom which accompanies it constitute a complete tool of Shipping Information.

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Cd-Rom Contents

  • 6000 Companies (Greece,Cyprus,Usa,UK & Around the World)Greek-Cypriot Maritime Guide
    (Operators, Brokers, Charterers, Suppliers, Surveyors, Lawyers...)
  • 5000 Active Vessels (Full Technical details/Particulars)
  • 6000 Non Active Vessels (Sold, Renamed, Sunk...)
  • S&P Prices (New)
  • Over 10000 Names of Personnel / Staff
  • Internet online links (WebSites & Emails)
  • Statistics (Flag Statistics, Vessel Type Statistics, Totals...) (New)
  • Exports (New)
    Vessels & Companies details exports to Excel, Notepad, WinWord...
  • Export Print Outs in Acrobat Reader format PDF & Text Files (New)
  • Geo Positions of World Ports (over 4900 positions) (New)
  • Ocean Weather On Line (Waves etc...) (New)
  • Maritime Spelling & Flags, Morse Code & Semaphore (New)
    (Multimedia & Tests)
  • International Dialing & Telex Codes (New)
  • World Times / Zones (New)
    (show Domestic and selected Country time)
  • Full Searchable
    (Queries of all fields - 60 - Part of any Word)
  • Companies & Vessels Print Outs (Label & Reports)
  • Copy clipboard fuction to copy data to other windows applications
  • Keep your own notes
    for Vessels on Vessels
    for Companies
    for your Personnel / Staff
  • Daily updated (All Cd-Roms are creating upon orders)
  • Operating System: Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP/NT/Vista/7
  • Hardware limits: Pentium 133 & above + CdRom Drive

Sample Screenshots

Main Screen Ocean Weather (online)
List of Operators Flag Statistics
List of Vessels Type Statistics
Personnel / Staff Total / Statistics
World Times Dialing / Telex Codes
Ports Geo Positions Exports for Companies
Maritime Spelling/Flags Exports for Vessels

Greek-Cypriot Maritime Guide & Cd-Rom : Special Price 200,00 Euro